About Beechwood Searching Services INC.



Teresa has always loved art. She enjoys drawing, painting, sewing but most of all she loves photography. She does Senior photos, portraits and even an occasional wedding. Her preferred type of photography is to create conceptual art by creating the scene, wardrobe, and styling for the photos.

Teresa is married to Russ and they have 2 kids together and is step-mom to Russ’s daughter. The kids are all adults now but they often spend time together along with the dogs and cats that make up their family.

Teresa started in the Title industry in the late 1980’s (when there were still abstracts!) and started her own company in 1993. Shortly after, she and Russ started working together and were married. She has been the boss ever since!

Vice President

Russ has always been very active. He played football and was a cheerleader in high school and has competed in many 5K, 10K and half marathons. When he joined the local VELO Sport Bicycle Club, he found his passion. His second favorite to his beloved dogs.

Russ is married to Teresa and they have 2 kids together and a daughter from a first marriage. And lots of dogs and cats!

Russ is the VP of Beechwood Searching Services, Inc. He has a strong ability to map out those metes and bounds legal descriptions. Russ joined Teresa as the second in command at Beechwood after working at a local title company for a couple of years as the company was growing in the early 1990’s and things are still going strong.

Title Searcher

Kim and her husband are very health conscious and have quite a lovely paradise at their home. They raise their own chickens, have a well with a hand pump and have several gardens and even make maple syrup from their Maple trees. Kim keeps even busier spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Kim came to Beechwood in 2002 and quickly learned the importance of the detailed work that is title searching. You won’t find a more thorough searcher. Kim is a valued member of the Beechwood family.